Every Verizon MVNO Phone Plan Compared

A price and feature comparison list of every single Verizon MVNO and Verizon phone plan on the market.

A Verizon MVNO is a wireless provider that uses Verizon’s towers to provide its customers with wireless service. If you have an unlocked out-of-contract phone that is compatible with the Verizon network, you can use it with any of the providers listed in the table down below to help save money on your phone bill. If you don’t already have a phone, many of the providers do offer phones for purchase, and some have financing options available.

By switching to any of the provider plans shown here, you’ll have almost the exact same coverage as you would if you subscribed to Verizon Wireless directly. For comparison’s sake, Verizon Wireless plans are also included in the table. Before you take a look at all your available plan options, there are a few things you should know before switching providers.

What’s The Difference Between Subscribing To A Verizon MVNO And Verizon Wireless?

If you sign up with a Verizon MVNO, in most cases you won’t get domestic roaming like you would with a Verizon Postpaid wireless plan. With domestic roaming available, Verizon can provide you coverage in places where it does not have its own network setup. Verizon’s native network is pretty large though, and because of that, the difference in coverage between a Verizon MVNO and a plan directly on Verizon Postpaid is minimal.

Another difference to note is that Verizon MVNO customers typically have lower data priority.  That means during times of heavy network traffic, Verizon MVNO customers may experience temporarily slower data speeds compared to Verizon Postpaid customers. How much slower speeds may get will depend on where you live. 

Data speeds are different for everybody and really do vary based on location. A plan that has top speeds and is great for one person in one city, may offer a completely different experience for a person in another city. That’s why it can often be hard to learn anything from wireless provider reviews. They don’t always provide much meaning unless the location of the user is known. If you are okay with those potential pitfalls and are ready to start doing some comparison shopping, the table below should help you be on your way to saving money.

Here is the full list of plans that are available that use the Verizon network for coverage. Use the filter options to view the plans that have the data allotments you need.

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