Xfinity Mobile By The Gig 1GB Shared

Basic Features

High Speed Data:1 GB
Hotspot: Yes
Network Towers Used:Verizon
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Price Breakdown

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$15 / $180
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly$15 / $180
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly$15 / $180
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly$15 / $180
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly$15 / $180

Price With Estimated Taxes Included

Please note, this tax estimator is in testing and accuracy will vary widely from state to state.

Supported Features

5G Network
HD Video Streaming
MMS iPhone
Short Code Support
WiFi Calling
WiFi Texting

Features Likely Not Supported

4k UHD Streaming
Domestic Data Roaming
Domestic Talk Roaming
Domestic Text Roaming
Free Netflix Subscription
International Calling
International Data
International Texting
Money Back Guarantee
Multi-line Discounts
Multiple Lines On 1 Account
Rollover Data
SD Video Streaming
Spam And Fraud Protection
Taxes And Fees
Unlimited 2G Data
Unlimited High Speed Data
Visual Voicemail

Important Plan Details

  • This plan is only available to Comcast Infinity Internet subscribers
  • Data is shareable between devices, up to 5 lines per account at no extra charge
  • Priced By the Gig at $15 for 1GB, or 3GB for $30, or 10GB for $60
  • Overages priced at $15/GB and data used at the end of a billing cycle is automatically rounded up to next GB
  • Any line can switch between shared By the Gig or upgrade to Unlimited data for $45/line
  • Add a tablet or smartwatch to the plan for $10/month
  • WiFi calling and texting available on iPhones and select Android devices
  • Get unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada for $10/month
  • Includes 5G network access
  • Includes network priority access similar to or on par with Verizon Postpaid subscribers

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