T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Lite 300GB

Basic Features

Price Monthly / Yearly$150 / $1800
High Speed Data:300 GB
Download Speeds:30-110Mbps
Upload Speeds:6-23Mbps
Network Towers Used:T-Mobile
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Important Plan Details

  • Free 15 day trial offer available
  • T-Mobile Home Internet Lite is available for customers where T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Unlimited is unavailable
  • T-Mobile will pay up to $500 in early termination fees if you switch from another provider
  • Includes T-Mobile Tuesdays, get thanked with weekly gifts and discounts
  • $150/month price is with autopay billing enabled. Without autopay billing enabled the price is $155/month.
  • During congestion, Home Internet customers may notice speeds lower than other T-Mobile customers due to data prioritization.
  • Credit approval is required
  • If you have a T-Mobile phone plan that has extra charges for taxes and fees, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Lite will also have taxes and fees as follows: Monthly Regulatory Programs (RPF) & Telco Recovery Fee (TRF) totaling $1.40, taxes/fees will be approximately 3-12% of the bill. If your phone plan includes taxes and fees, or you don’t have a phone plan taxes and fees are included in the price.
  • Can only be used at the location provided at the time of activation
  • Can only be used with T-Mobile’s Home Internet Gateway (free of charge), which supports connections up to 64 devices and allows customers to setup up to 4 separate WiFi networks
  • If service is cancelled and the gateway is not returned, you will be charged up to $370  for the gateway
  • Video streaming resolution will depend on the available data speeds you get at your location. Speeds will vary based on location, signal strength, time of day and other factors
  • Data speeds slow to 128Kbps for the remainder of the monthly billing cycle after the 300GB allotment has been consumed

Supported Features

4k UHD Streaming
5G Network
Unlimited 2G Data

Available Free Perks

T-Mobile Tuesdays

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