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US Cellular Unlimited Basic

Basic Features

High Speed Data:Unlimited GB
Hotspot: No
Network Towers Used:US Cellular

Per Line Pricing

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$55 / $660+tax
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly$105 / $1260+tax
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly$115 / $1380+tax
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly$120 / $1440+tax
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly$0 / $0+tax

Price With Estimated Taxes Included

Supported Features

MMS iPhone

Features Likely Not Supported

4k UHD Streaming
Spam And Fraud Protection
HD Video Streaming
SD Video Streaming
Domestic Data Roaming
Rollover Data
5G Network
Multiple Lines On 1 Account
Money Back Guarantee
International Data
Free Phones
Canada & Mexico Roaming
Canada And Mexico Calling
Unlimited 3G Data
Free Trial
Priority Data
Data Carryover
International Calling
International Texting
Domestic Talk Roaming
Domestic Text Roaming
WiFi Calling
WiFi Texting
Visual Voicemail
Multi-line Discounts
Short Code Support
Unlimited 2G Data
Taxes & Fees Included
Unlimited Data Plans

Important Plan Details

  • During times of network congestion, data may be temporarily slowed
  • Regional provider that uses national networks to provide roaming outside of US Cellular’s coverage area.
  • Price includes $10 auto-pay discount.  Price is $65 without auto-pay.
  • Videos stream at 480p