T-Mobile Connect 2GB

Basic Features

High Speed Data:2 GB
Network Towers Used:T-Mobile
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Price Breakdown

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$15 / $180
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly$30 / $360
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly$45 / $540
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly$60 / $720
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly$75 / $900

Price With Estimated Taxes Included

Please note, this tax estimator is in testing and accuracy will vary widely from state to state.

Supported Features

5G Network
Domestic Data Roaming
HD Video Streaming
MMS iPhone
Multiple Lines On 1 Account
Visual Voicemail
WiFi Calling
WiFi Texting

Features Likely Not Supported

Domestic Talk Roaming
Domestic Text Roaming
International Calling
International Texting
Money Back Guarantee
Multi-line Discounts
Rollover Data
SD Video Streaming
Short Code Support
Spam And Fraud Protection
Taxes And Fees
Unlimited 2G Data
Unlimited LTE Data

Important Plan Details

  • Data Maximizer is on by default but can be disabled.  Data Maximizer reduces video streams to a rate of 1.5Mbps.
  • Upgrade to 5GB of high-speed data for only $10/month more.  Get it for $25/month/
  • This plan has hard-capped data.  Once you run out, of data, that’s it for the month.  You get nothing more unless you pay extra.
  • Does NOT include T-Mobile Tuesdays reward program
  • Includes 100MB of domestic data roaming
  • Purchase of $10 SIM starter kit is required for new activations
  • Annual data upgrade bonus.  For every year you stay on the plan for up to 5 years, your data allotment gets increased by 500MB.
  • If you still have questions, check out T-Mobile’s T-Mobile Connect FAQ page