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Boost Infinite - $60/Month Includes Phone Plan & Free iPhone 15

Freedompop Target Free Plan

Basic Features

High Speed Data:100 MB
Hotspot: No
Network Towers Used:AT&T

Per Line Pricing

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$0 / $0+tax
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly

Price With Estimated Taxes Included

Supported Features

WiFi Calling
WiFi Texting
MMS iPhone
Short Code Support
SD Video Streaming
5G Network

Features Likely Not Supported

HD Video Streaming
Data Carryover
Priority Data
Free Trial
Unlimited 3G Data
Canada And Mexico Calling
Canada & Mexico Roaming
Free Phones
International Data
4k UHD Streaming
Money Back Guarantee
Multiple Lines On 1 Account
Rollover Data
Domestic Data Roaming
Spam And Fraud Protection
Unlimited Data Plans
Taxes & Fees Included
Unlimited 2G Data
Multi-line Discounts
Visual Voicemail
Domestic Text Roaming
Domestic Talk Roaming
International Texting
International Calling

Important Plan Details

  • Although the plan is sold as “free” some regulatory taxes and fees may apply based on your location. Taxes and fees should only be a few cents if there are any
  • At any time you can also add 100 minutes or texts for $2 or 100MB of data for $3.
  • If you do not make a payment for excess usage, or other services in any particular month and (b) use less than 5MB or make fewer than five (5) calls in any given month, FreedomPop reserves the right to charge you a $0.01 maintenance fee (“Maintenance Fee”) to keep your FreedomPop Account active. For your convenience, FreedomPop will automatically charge the Maintenance Fee to your valid payment method on file each month that the Maintenance Fee is applicable to ensure no disruption of the service