Lycamobile APN Settings

If your Lycamobile APN isn’t set right you’ll never connect to the internet unless you are on WiFi. Use these APNs to have working cellular data & mms pictures.

You only need to fill in the values that you see listed on this page. All other values that are in your phone, you can just leave them at the defaults that they are already set to. If one APN settings group does not work, move on to the next one.

Capitalization does matter. If something is not capitalized, don't capitalize it. You should be able to click on any setting to highlight the text and copy it. This will help to avoid mistakes in typing such as adding spaces that don't belong, or other extra unnecessary characters.

Important note about MNC values:

In some cases you'll see two different MNC values listed to try. However, the correct one for you to use is the one that is a part of your SIM card number/ICCID number. It should start with the third or fourth number of the ICCID.

You can find your ICCID/SIM card number by either taking your SIM card out of your phone (the hard way) or by going into your phone's system settings (the easy way). How you do this will vary by phone. The way you can do it with Google Pixel phones and Motorola's among others is to head over to your system settings. Select "about phone." Then click on "SIM status," and you should be able to find your ICCID number there.

APN Lycamobile
Authentication typePAP
APN Typedefault,supl,admin,dun,mms
APN protocolIPv4

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