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Verizon MVNO List

A Verizon MVNO is any wireless carrier not named Verizon that uses Verizon’s network for coverage. There are dozens of Verizon MVNOs on the market. Some are large and have millions of subscribers like Straight Talk Wireless, while others are smaller and have just tens of thousands of subscribers. Some are even smaller than that. They may offer nothing unique or pricing that is not very competitive and so they may not be in business for very long. Those providers will not be covered here.

Some Verizon MVNOs actually operate on several other networks besides Verizon’s. However, if you subscribe to one of them, you can only use one network at a time. You will not be able to automatically switch and connect to the other networks unless you get a new SIM. Now below is a list of all the MVNOs that have Verizon’s network as an option to subscribe to. Also highlighted are the other networks offered by the MVNO.

Table Of The Top Verizon MVNOs

Provider Networks Used
Affinity Cellular Verizon
Boom Mobile AT&T, Verizon
Credo Mobile Verizon
Lively Verizon
NET10 Wireless AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
Page Plus Cellular Verizon
Reach Mobile AT&T, Verizon
Red Pocket Mobile AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
Selectel Wireless Verizon
Spectrum Mobile Verizon
Straight Talk Wireless AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
Ting Mobile T-Mobile, Verizon
Total Wireless Verizon
Tracfone AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
Twigby Verizon
US Mobile T-Mobile, Verizon
Verizon Prepaid Verizon
Visible Verizon
Wing AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
Xfinity Mobile Verizon

And here are some highlights of each Verizon MVNO.

Affinity Cellular
Founded: 2010
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • AAA members enjoy extra savings
  • For AAA members all phones come with lifetime warranty
  • Limited selection of phones
  • Plans are expensive compared to other providers
Starts: $20 /month
Boom Mobile
Founded: 2015
  • Supports multiple networks
  • Annual plans available for extra savings
  • Wide range of plans available
  • Extremely limited number of phones available to purchase
  • Average pricing
Starts: $12.98 /month
Credo Mobile
Founded: 1985
  • Supports progressive causes
  • Sell phones
  • Prices are higher than most
  • Little to no selection of budget phone options
  • Supports progressive causes
Starts: $35 /month
Founded: 2005
  • Good for seniors
  • Offers and supports medical alert devices
  • Phone selection limited
  • Plans designed for a limited audience
  • Can be expensive
Starts: $14.99 /month
NET10 Wireless
Founded: 1996
  • Supports multiple networks
  • Offers exclusive multi-month discount plans and deals through eBay
  • Cheap phones
  • Primarily budget devices are carried
  • Plan prices are just average
Starts: $20.00 /month
Page Plus Cellular
Founded: 1993
  • Phones available with financing for every budget
  • Pay as you go plans available
  • Top-up cards and add-ons available
  • Limited number of monthly plan options
  • Not known for having great customer support
Starts: $12 /month
Reach Mobile
Founded: 2018
  • Supports charitable cause, your subscription is used to help provide data to others around the world
  • Use less data in a month than comes with your plan and you may be billed for cheaper plan
  • Decent selection of phones but no discounts available
  • Plans cost a bit more than average
Starts: $20 /month
Red Pocket Mobile
Founded: 2006
  • Wide variety of plans available at variety of price points
  • Multi-month discount savings are available when you pay for more service in advance
  • Customer referral program
  • Only new phones sold are iPhones, Android phones are certified pre-owned
  • Sometimes subscribers have issues onboarding
Starts: $2.50 /month
Selectel Wireless
Founded: 2008
  • USA based customer support
  • Extremely limited number of phones available
  • Pricing is just average
Starts: $20 /month
Spectrum Mobile
Founded: 2018
  • Mix and match plans
  • Shareable data for up to 10 lines
  • Must also subscribe to Spectrum Internet or plans cost $20/month higher
Starts: $14 /month
Straight Talk Wireless
Founded: 2009
  • Large selection of phones available
  • Sold at Walmart, with Walmart exclusive deals
  • Variety of plans available for different types of devices
  • No true budget phone plans
  • Not known to have greatest customer support
Starts: $30 /month
Ting Mobile
Founded: 2012
  • Plans available to cater to different budgets
  • Shareable data plans available
  • Known for good customer support
  • Limited number of phones available
  • No truly unlimited data plans
Starts: $10 /month
Total Wireless
Founded: 2015
  • Wide selection of phones available
  • Sold in stores like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, and also online
  • Shareable data plans available
  • Not known for great customer support
  • Not the cheapest of plans
Starts: $23.7 /month
Founded: 1996
  • Good selection of phones
  • Wide variety of plans available with data carryover
  • Offers pay as you go
  • Does not sell plans with high-data allotments
  • Data is hard-capped but top-ups available
  • Not known for great customer support
Starts: $14.25 /month
Founded: 2015
  • Great introductory pricing
  • Custom build and monthly plans available
  • Plans for a variety of budgets available
  • Uses two networks, one is for roaming
  • Limited selection of phones that are mostly older models
  • Does not cater to high-end data users. 10GB max data allotment
Starts: $19 /month
US Mobile
Founded: 2014
  • Offers a phone plan for every budget
  • Select plans include perks like a free Netflix subscription
  • Offers truly unlimited data plans
  • Extremely limited selection of phones available
Starts: $5.5 /month
Verizon Prepaid
  • Largest overall network in the USA
  • Customer loyalty plan discounts available
  • Discounted phones available
  • You must maintain service for at least 9 months to get best pricing
  • Not all plans have access to Verizon's full 5G network
  • No free phones
Starts: $30 /month
Founded: 2018
  • Owned by Verizon
  • Wide variety of phones available
  • Cheapest unlimited data plan
  • Only one phone plan is sold
  • In some locations, data and ping times are particularly slow
  • 5G network data speeds capped at 200Mbps
Starts: $40 /month
Founded: 2017
  • Phones sold with financing options
  • Supports smartwaches
  • Limited selection of phones available
  • Questionable business practices
  • Pricing not great for low data usage customers
Starts: $20 /month
Xfinity Mobile
Founded: 2017
  • Shareable data plans available
  • Access to nationwide network of hotspots
  • Variety of phones available
  • Must have either Xfinity Internet, Cable, or Voice or plans cost $25 more per month
  • Only limited selection of BYOD phones supported
Starts: $15 /month

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